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      Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Application: cotton-type chemical fiber as polyester, viscose, etc. 
      Process: Feeding→Mixing→Opening→Web forming→Spun-lacing→Drying→Winding
      Finished products: 
      Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
      1. Feeder equipments: Different feeder equipments can be supplied according to different raw material ratio, for example, the weighing feeder & mixer are suitable to the exact ratio of more than two raw materials, while the reciprocating bale plucker is for single or multiple raw materials.
      2. To realize the fine mix of multiple raw materials, rough opener (optional) can be added before mixer. 
      3. The roller-type carding machine is used in the process of carding and web forming, and the number of this machine can be one group or two groups overlapped which is depending on the product gram weight.
      4. Spun-laced equipments adopts modular design. There are various types of spun-laced equipments to supply, such as “three drums”, “two drums & one platform”, “three drums & one platform” and so on, and different combinations produce different styles of cloth cover.
      5. Dryer machine: “Cylinder dryer” (contact), “drum dryer”(Through Air Drying system), “cylinder dryer & drum dryer”.
      6.Electrical control system: On-line electrical control system makes remote operation and monitoring attained easily.



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