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      Principle: Spunlace nonwoven is fed to winder, which trough tension stand, expansion roller, guide roller, longitudinal knife (optional) into the first winding position and winding under the function of pressure of small-roll cylinder, when diameter of cloth-roll achieves Φ400~ Φ450 mm, moving wall plate transfer cloth-roll to the second position under the function of gear motor, as well as the small-roll cylinder lifting, large-roll cylinder press down to wind, moving wall plate return the first position. When lap up to set length, small-roll cylinder press down, cross knife cut nonwoven, start to wind a new lap. Yardage roll is pushed out by lfting part, and roll into the dolly.

      Type W2801C W2801C-350 W2801C-180(YL1)
      Working width(mm) 2500 3500 1800
      Winding speed(m/min) 10~100 10~100 10~100
      Max. winding diameter(mm) 1200 1200 1200
      Installed power(kW)


      14.1 4.1
      Dimensions(LXWXH)(MM) 2752×3605×2130 2752×4605×2130 2752×2905×2130
      Net weight(kg) 3500 4500 3000


                                                                                                       Vdieo:                                International                                        China


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