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      The machine is controlled by PLC and displaying is realized by touching screen. Malfunction can be displayed in the touch screen with simple operation. Big V-shaped continuous bobbin creel is especially suitable for some staple fibers which are sensitive to friction, working under low tension and high speed, be favorable to reduce tension difference of yarn and end breakage when warping. The inner side of V-shaped creel could store bobbin, which is convenient for operation. The bobbin changing time is short so that it can save idle period for warping machine. This kind of bobbin creel is especially fit for high speed warping.



      Application: This machine is suitable for the yarn of pure cotton, polyester cotton ,staple fabric and its blenders with the yarn count 6s~100s.
      Nominal Width (mm): 1800
      Warp beam winding diameter(mm): Φ800
      Speed (m/min): 1000(max)
      Total power: 20kw (without air compressor)
      Braking distance: ≤3m (when speed is 500m/min)
      Bobbin creel big “V”bobbin creel
      Tensioner Special tensioner for high-speed warping machine
      Dimension (L*W*H) About 21m*5.5m*3m
      Weight About 8t

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