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      The machine is controlled by PLC and displaying is realized by touching screen. Malfunction can be displayed in the touch screen with simple operation



      Application: This machine is suitable for the yarn of pure cotton, polyester cotton, staple fabric and its blending with yarn count 6s~100s.
      Nominal Width (mm): 1800
      Warp beam winding diameter(mm): Φ800
      Speed (m/min): 1000(max)
      Total power: 17kw (without air compressor)
      Braking distance: ≤3m (when speed is 500m/min)
      Bobbin creel: small “V” bobbin creel;Spindle pitch 250*250 ;Spindle number 720 ;Number of layers 8
      Tensioner Special tensioner for high-speed warping machine
      Tensioner Adjustable tensioner with double column
      Dimension(L*W*H)(m) Dimension(L*W*H)(m)
      Weight About 5t

      Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.


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