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      Center of cylinder raised up 365mm and increased in carding area,the max. stationary flats number: 10 for front and 12 for rear. The design sliver delivery speed:260m/min,normally speed :140-200m/min. Sliver delivery ration:3.5-6g/m

      1. Tuft Feeder and Card are in integrally designed to obtain a perfect combination feed with card.

      2. Unidirectional feed technology Metal proof device at the end of feed roll.

      3. Bottom of licker-in equipped with 2 mote knife ,2 carding segment and 2 suction hood .The length in waste area of 1st mote knife can be adjusted .

      4. The rear stationary flat number: 6-12(Double-linked aluminum alloy flat)

      5. The front stationary flat number:8-10(Double-linked aluminum alloy flat)

      6. JWF1204 carding machine adopt 84 revolving flats, the working flats is 30. The manufacture of driving belt for flat: MEGADYNE or Trutzschler.

      7. Bottom of doffer equipped with 4 aluminum alloy plates with stably air flow and high production.

      8. Adopted inclined tri-roll stripping mechanism with good effort of stripping and transferring.The material of support plate is aluminum alloy ,easy for installing and cleaning.


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