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      1.This type of machine adopts the most advanced control system in the world and nine-unit gearing has realized the high intelligence, speed, efficiency and high precision control, as well as increased the matching capacity of sizing machine.

      2. This machine adopts the most advanced technological process in the world, and humanized design, which is easy to operate and maintain.

      3.High Intelligence: Adopting expert systems that when operators input various parameter into computer, the system will automatically control the machine to work, Knowing the machine working state on computer, the fault diagnosis, remote monitoring and diagnosis can be carried out easily.

      4.High precision: Adopting “Profibus” communications protocol to do data exchange and detection & controlling, as well as Servo frequency converter & variable frequency motor nine-unit driving, both the designs make the machine rapid response, high precision, good stability.

      5.High quality: high power 74kw driving design, linear pressure 40kn, dry capacity 1000kh/h, exhaust system 24000m3/h, speed 125m/min

      6.Low energy-consumption: flexible frequency control system makes low cost, PID high precision control of temperature and moisture regain can save energy when dry yarn, linear high pressure model makes sizing stable, which can save sizing agent.

      7.Reasonable process design:
      ? Squeezing roller adopts lateral compaction techniques, which makes yarn enter the chamber room straightly, hanging down by its weight, and makes tension in the wet area distribute reasonable and uniform.
      ? Double wet rod device makes fiber smooth.
      ? High precision filtration system makes slurry homogeneous.
      ? Reasonable design of sizing box ensures less hard size when slow or stop.
      ? Size box control system is separated with main size box, which makes components more durable and control accuracy more reliable.
      ? Elevated drying room makes operation more convenient and rapid.
      ? Three-unit design in drying room ensures tension between two yarns even.
      ? The structure and control of flex reed make the cloth yarn and splitting yarn more reasonable and uniform.
      ? Four-guide-roller winding form makes the winding in the state of closed-loop control, keeping the precision high.



      Application: GA310-300 sizing machine is used for the warp yarn sizing of pure cotton, chemical staple fiber, hemp and its blender with metric count 97tex-5tex (6S- 120S ).
      Nominal width of headstock: 2400mm/3000mm/3600mm
      Speed: 2-125 m/min, crawl speed:2m/min, snail speed:0.5m/min
      Diameter of weaving beam(mm): Φ800orΦ1000
      Max. winding tension(N): 7000
      Working width (mm) 1800mm or 2000mm
      Quantity of drying cylinder 12
      Quantity of warping beam creel 16-24
      Quantity of sizing box 2
      wet split rods There are independent double wet split rods, collocated with variable frequency gear motor separately, which makes speed change with the machine speed. Because of the steam fumigation,drops on the surface of wet split rods, which forms water protective film, and makes fiber smooth. KARL Mayer has no configuration like this.
      waxing device Use separate frequency waxing transmission device,which can adjust the synchronous speed of waxing roller according to different requirements of waxing quantity, in order to control the waxing quantity.

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