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      Blowroom and cading machine main features:

      1. According to the pipeline pressure changes, the whole system can realize continuous and stable feeding by using control cabinet and Continue Feeding device. We adopt import Continue Feeding device with PID control function; it can correct the feeding automatically and ensure blowroom 100%running. This device can meet the changes of blowroom and carding production automatically. When the system running normally, the pressure fluctuations is ± 20Pa can achieve true continuous feed. We can ensure stability of whole line production even carding machine only one can running.

      2.Network control system (Optional)

      (1)Various parameters display and modification in blowroom and carding machine.

      (2)Indicating fault spot for blowroom machine and running condition for carding machine.

      (3)Integral database.


      (1) Frame,cylinder,doffer and licker-in are all constructed of sheet metal welded with high precision,good rigid, light weight and good balance.

      (2) High efficient suction hood mechanism replaces traditional grids,web cleaner around the cylinder to improve sliver quality.

      3.Key parts are manufactured through Machine Center and special machine with high precision to ensure tiny clearance and strong carding capacity. Radial jump of cylinder is less than 0.015mm.Cylinder dia.: 1290mm,doffer dia.: 700mm.

      4.PLC,industrial touch screen control, feed in card and doffer are controlled by frequency converter,long-term and short-term mixed loop qutoleveller.

      5.Adopted inclined tri-roll stripping mechanism with good effort of stripping and transferring.

      6.Unidirectional feed technolog.Metal proof device at the end of feed roll.


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